All photography provided by Ellen Hansen

Since November 12, 2016 People for Unity has led Idaho towards positive change by putting on events such as the march, "Women's March on Idaho," and the “Enough is Enough,” student walkout.  


Our vison

To bring our community together in order to make progress in creating intergenerational connections and work towards common goals. We want to bring attention to our needs for gender equity, racial justice, economic justice, reproductive rights, environmental justice, and civil rights for all minority groups. We plan to hold peaceful events such as rallies, marches, and meetings.

-People for Unity

What is People for unity?

We are a student lead LLC devoted to encouraging youth and students to get involved in their community and change the world. We provide spaces where both adults and youth can share ideas and work together to create change.

The Start

People For Unity started in Idaho in 2016 by Nora Harren and Colette Raptosh during their senior and junior year of high school. Then in 2018 People for Unity launched a Utah branch based in Salt Lake City. Slowly expanding People for Unity has encouraged civil engagement and political action in students all over the North West.

Three months ago I was sitting in class thinking, “What am I going to wear tomorrow?” Now I sit in class wondering, “what am I going to do tomorrow to make a difference?”
— Colette Raptosh

Diversity is an integral component of the United States, it is crucial that we can disagree with out being disagreeable.
— Nora Harren

Past Events

  • People for Unity Rally -2016

  • Women's March on Idaho -2017

  • 10 Actions, 100 Days Campaign (National Women's March.) -2017

  • Idaho Student walkout & Education Rally. -2017

  • Support for Kibrooms Ethiopian Restaurant -2017

  • Support for the Goodness Land Restaurant -2017

  • Women’s March on Idaho -2018

  • Enough is Enough Student Walkout & Rally -2018